Domestic Violence Service Center - a path to safety and a shelter from abuse

You Are Not Alone

Victims of domestic violence often feel alone, isolated and afraid.

Domestic violence knows no social, economic, religious, gender or ethnic boundaries. It can happen to anyone at any time. Anyone can become a victim.

If domestic violence is a part of your life, there is no need to feel alone. There is help and you have choices.

At DVSC, there are no problems too big to solve.

Counselor/Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you sort out your problems and provide you with options. Support groups are available so victims of domestic violence can meet with other victims to share stories, concerns and dreams of a future without violence.

If you are living in an abusive relationship, you have choices.

You can come to shelter where you and your children will be safe while you decide what to do about your future. Your will be with other women who face some of the same problems you have. Your children will have others to play with and will be able to go to school.

Or you can stay at home. We understand that women have many reasons for staying in abusive relationships. Financial problems, family pressures, and child care worries are but a few of those reasons. If you choose to stay at home, you can still get help with making a safety plan, getting information on available resources and filing for a Protection From Abuse order.

However, if you think your might be in danger, get help right away.

Do not risk further injury. Call the police or have someone call for you. Go to a neighbor or even out into the street where people can see you and maybe help you. Call the DVSC Hotline where a trained Counselor/Advocate will help you decide what you need to do next. Remember, physical abuse of any person is against the law. Marriage, living together, or dating does not give one person the right to hurt or to control another person. DVSC is always available to help you.